I got the results for Anthony’s NutrEval test back today.  Is it everything I hoped it would be?  Oh hell’s yeah it is!

His gut dysbiosis, a thing of the past! Which was a HUGE surprise for me! I remembered Dr. S saying that it would take a year for Anthony’s stomach to heal, and he was right!  His oxidative stress improved and so did his neurotransmitter imbalance. Basically everything has either completely corrected itself, or has vastly improved.  

We did this test with Anthony being off of supplements for a week an a half, and as a result of that, the NutrEval test showed us some other things.  It showed us he still needs his TMG to help him with methylation.  It showed us he still needs his Omega’s.  No big deal there since he’s already getting those.  And it showed me that a liver cleanse probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. So I started giving him  Liver Life by Bio-Ray.

I’m waiting to hear back from Dr. S to see if he wants to add anything else to the mix.   I’m thinking possible Glutathione, and Anthony might need some magnesium. But these are just my guesses.  I should hear back from the doctor on thursday about what he wants to tweak on Thursday!

I only have one more thing to say….. BIO-MED is AWESOME!!!

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