DMG & TMG – life changing for some with ASD

Thought I would give a “shout out” to two of my FAVORITE supplements. The supplements that made a huge impact in my sons life.  The supplements that made me say, “Wow this biomedical stuff is actually working.”

Keep in mind, Anthony only had a hand full of words before we started DMG and TMG.  And before that, he only started keeping words after we started him on a probiotic. (I will discuss that in another post)

First off, what is DMG?

”  DMG consists of the amino acid glycine attached to two methyl groups, according to physician Ray Sahelian, who specializes in natural supplements. The synthesis of many substances in the body depends on methyl groups, and DMG is important for the synthesis of DNA and RNA, the essential nutrient choline, the essential amino acid methionine and certain vitamins, hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes.

Proponents of DMG supplements claim it enhances the immune system, boosts neurological function and athletic performance and helps treat epilepsy and autism, according to the MSKCC. Sahelian calls DMG an anti-stress supplement that may have anti-aging effects, ”  Read more here

What is TMG?

TMG is an important cofactor in methylation, a process that occurs in every cell of mammals to synthesize and donate methyl groups (CH3) for other processes in the body. These processes include the synthesis of neurotransmitters such as dopamineserotonin. Methylation is also required for the biosynthesis of melatonin and the electron transport chain constituent coenzyme Q10.  Read more here

All very confusing right?  Well, let me put it this way.  DMG and TMG help with methylation.  With 90% of our kids on the autism spectrum having issues with methylation, which usually result in speech or sensory processing issues, DMG and TMG are great supplements to try.  Especially since they have been reported to have a 50% success rate for ASD kids.  (read about that here) 

Now let me tell you about our experience with DMG and TMG…..

When we first started seeing Dr. Sletten (Our DAN doctor.) he started Anthony on methyl b-12 injections, hoping it would help with Anthony’s speech and stimming behaviors (toe walking, drooling, repeating words, head dragging. )

When we started them I didn’t see instantaneous results.  His stimming behaviors actually got worse, and boy was he hyper.  But Dr. S told us that this is very common when you first rev up methylation, especially in a kid that is lacking in the process. So we stuck with it.  (You can watch a video of how Anthony was behaving   here.  I only post this because I want parents to realize where a child can be with only 1-2 months of treatment, and how much better it can get. Watch the video I link to at end of post).

However, when Anthony’s OAT’s test result came back (NutrEval), Dr. S believed Anthony needed more than methly b-12 injections.  He believed that the supplement DMG would be more beneficial.

When we started DMG, we again saw the increase in stimming behaviors, and hyperness.  But this time, when they went away, Anthony had a word explosion! That word explosion all the mothers talk about happening to their children at 18-24 months old… well, DMG triggered that for Anthony at 3 1/2 years old.  Even his speech therapist was a witness to it.  Every word we said, Anthony could attempt.  It was during this time, that we started to witness his drooling subsiding.  A stimming behavior that Anthony always did when he was excited or nervous.

A few months later it was obvious that the DMG was working.  We were seeing amazing changes in Anthony’s speech and his attention span.  We also saw a new awareness in Anthony when it came to temperature.  It was as if for the first time in his life, he could feel cold and warmth.

This was the DMG Anthony was given:

You can order it here at Spectrum supplements  Use Coupon Code: BIOMED for a discount

When we told Dr. S about all the new changes, he believed that moving Anthony up to TMG might help even more, since Anthony was obviously a responder.   Again we had the two weeks of hyperness and stimming behaviors (the drooling came back) but then Anthony’s speech took another huge jump, about a month after we put him on the TMG.  He started talking in sentences! And again, his speech therapist was a witness to the big change and was amazed.  Anthony was saying sentences like, “Read me book mommy” , “Mommy, sissy needs bunny”, ” I love Super Why”.  Yes, this was a huge deal!  Especially for a child that was completely non-verbal a few months earlier.   

This is the TMG Anthony still takes:

You can click on the pic above to go to Spectrum Supplement to order it.  Use coupon Code: BIOMED for a discount

We started Anthony on DMG in October of 2010, and by February 2012, Anthony was therapy free. With only a little over a year of bio-medical treatment.

Increasing methylation has been a huge part of Anthony’s recovery, and every day when I give Anthony his TMG, I look at that bottle and I know it is one of Anthony’s “silver bullets”.

A pic of Anthony with his cousin Sierra. “Sierra” use to be one of Anthony’s stimmy words he would repeat to calm himself.

If you watched the video I posted a link to above, then I urge you to watch this one, taken a month ago.  The change is amazing! (sorry about the quality)

If your child is still non-verbal, or stalled out with healing, I highly suggest you talk to your doctor about methylation, and the options that are available.  And of course, ALWAYS talk to your doctor first before starting a new supplement.  They are the ones that can tell you the exact dosage your child should be receiving for the best outcome, and if a new supplement is beneficial for your child’s unique situation.


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  1. Kim Housley
    Kim Housley February 6, 2013 at 8:40 pm | | Reply

    What dosage/frequency do you use? I have been using with my 2-yr-old girl. I am using one per day, wonder if I should be doing more.

  2. Kimberly
    Kimberly February 6, 2013 at 10:25 pm | | Reply

    Anthony was 3 1/2 years old when we started him on DMG. We gave him 1 tsp of DMG every day, and when we moved up to TMG we did 1 tsp of that as well until we switched to the capsule He gets one every day. Both were at 500mg. But speak with your childs dr about dosages and if you should do more.

  3. Angela
    Angela July 7, 2013 at 2:26 am | | Reply

    Thansk for your blog! I really enjoy reading your posts. i have a son who is three with mild pdd and suspected pans. Wondering what on the OAT indicated the need for TMG, DMG? We just got our first OAT back and are having trouble finding someone to give us an interpretation that would include suggestions like this. Thanks!

  4. Kimberly
    Kimberly July 7, 2013 at 3:26 am | | Reply

    Our OAT was done by genova diagnostic, and on that one there is a scale for methylation. Anthony was in the red. Which means "high need".Kimberly

  5. Rachel Hwong
    Rachel Hwong July 18, 2013 at 8:51 am | | Reply

    Hi Kimberly,Im very excited read thru ur sharing. I have a daughter also now 3.5 yrs and non verbal. We did OAT with Great Plain Labs, but I do not see any name with methylation, is there any other way to look for if she needs TMG or DMG?

  6. Rachel Hwong
    Rachel Hwong July 18, 2013 at 8:54 am | | Reply

    Hi,I didnt find a word call methylation in my daughter OAT report with Great Plain Labs, any other indication? Tks.

  7. Kimberly
    Kimberly July 18, 2013 at 2:53 pm | | Reply

    Rachel,We have always used Genova Diagnostics OATS test. So I can't 100% say. I did find this article, so maybe look for these terms on your test results. you reviewed the results with your doctor yet?Kimberly

  8. Rachel Hwong
    Rachel Hwong July 22, 2013 at 5:40 am | | Reply

    Thanks fo the link, I will check thru the article for more info.Yes, we have consulted a doctor with the report, we are advice to do the antifungal and fighting clostrida as first stage.

  9. HeatherMarosites
    HeatherMarosites September 22, 2013 at 2:38 pm | | Reply

    HI Kimberly, thank you for sharing your journey. May I ask, did you stop using the mb12 injections when you switched to DMG & TMG? We have been doing the shots for 4 weeks now. Jasper was just tested for the MTHFR gene mutation and is +A1298C.

  10. Kimberly
    Kimberly September 22, 2013 at 4:59 pm | | Reply

    Heather, We did do MB12 shots with TMG for awhile. Then our DAN suggested we stop the shots and see if Anthony did well with just the TMG. He did seem to do okay. Now we have him on a TMG that has MB12 and folinic acid in it. Kimberly

  11. Hanta
    Hanta October 11, 2013 at 4:35 am | | Reply


    I just wanna ask how many moths your son has taken DGM ? the same for TMG?

  12. DEE
    DEE November 30, 2013 at 9:37 pm | | Reply

    Whose your DAN doctor? Thank you,

  13. RINA
    RINA February 2, 2014 at 6:36 am | | Reply

    hallo kimberly…. im from indonesia, im glad to read your blog. its anthony now realy gone for autistic behavior?, he doenst stimming anymore?, he realy just like a normal boy now??
    and i ask more, that anthony ever done antifungal to?
    im sorry if my engglish is bad…

  14. angelica
    angelica February 5, 2014 at 8:03 pm | | Reply

    Hi Kimberly,

    I cried watching your childs progress! It is amazing and I am so happy for you and Anthony. He is such an adorable boy in your videos. My son is 3.5 yo. I am not testing him for anything, but I did start the DMG without any doctors. I am a pharmacist. I read a lot. And I also found that due to very minimal side effects and the fact that excess gets excreted and doesn’t build up, the risks are not there. My question is the hyperactivity due to DMG. I am finding my son a little more hyper than usual. Does that go away with time? Did you ever have to lower the dose to reverse the hyperactivity. And also when you did DMG, did you also have him on folic acid? thanks so much.

  15. angelica
    angelica February 20, 2014 at 5:35 am | | Reply

    Hi Kimberly,

    Thank you so much for that information. I think these days 23andme test will be difficult to do as it won’t come with an interpretation. And unless I find a biomed doctor in the area, the results won’t mean anything to me. But as far as DMG effectiveness, would you say about a month on it would show us if we are responders or not. My son has been on it for 3 weeks; and as you have advised above, the hyperactivity did go down within 2 weeks, so I’m happy about that. But, I did notice some improvement with awareness and a desire to talk all the time. Now, I can tell he wants to talk but the clarity of understandable words is not there. I know its too much ask, but do you think i should keep him on it for another couple of weeks before I take him off of it? I read not to dismiss it before a month or two even if there is no noticeable difference. Thank you so much for all the help/info you can offer.

  16. Sarahi Peterson
    Sarahi Peterson February 20, 2014 at 7:17 pm | | Reply

    I read this and watched both videos and It brought tears to my eyes as a mother of a non-verbal and very behavior difficult 2 year old this is where I hope my son could be in a few years. I assume you don’t recommend starting any supplements before seeing a doctor first. Where do I start and what is a DAN doctor? what is organic acid test and where can I take my son to get tested? any guide is truly much appreciated thank you.

  17. Karen Berchem
    Karen Berchem March 2, 2014 at 3:05 pm | | Reply

    Hi Kimberly,

    Great blog. I found your site as I have used the same hopmeopath you used. It sounds like our sons have similar issues. Biomed has been great for us, and OCD and ADD and some gross /fine motor skills are what I’m now trying to clear. My cranial osteopath recently commented that a physical burn trauma my son had when he was young contributed to some of his issues. When I saw that homeopathy helped with with you, it made me decide to revisit it. It didnt initialy dawn on me that homeopathy could clear a trauma until I read your blog.

    Also, I am considering trying DMG and TMG for his OCD. My question is are you meant to give both supplements together, or do you give DMG first then move on to TMG and the drop DMG. It sounds like TMG is the supplement you are giving now and not DMG any longer. Just wondering why that was your case.

    Thanks for all the inspiration

  18. angelica
    angelica March 15, 2014 at 2:30 am | | Reply

    Hi Kimberly,

    I’ve asked a couple of questions in the past and you were great and oh so right in your answers and guidance. We have been on DMG for a month now, and hyperactivity definitely went away within first 2 weeks. By now, I do see that he wants to communicate more but unfortunately its only in 1 to 2 word demands, although some therapists have been commenting that he’s definitely communicating better ( they are not aware of him being on DMG). I do notice a tremendous progress in sensory. He’s more open to more textures and seems less fearful to try new physical activities. So I thank you for your previous answers, and I thank God I found your blog as I was searching for info on DMG. It really has helped me on my DMG journey as I’m not currently with any biomed doctors. My question now is, when in your opinion should I move up to TMG at this point? Considering our progress, I think we are responding to DMG well. DO you think its time to move to TMG? and also, do you think I can find TMG liquid alone without B12 and folinic acid? I’m scared to give him those without blood work. Thank you so much for everything. I’m so grateful for your comments. Angelica.

  19. Timothy Sexton
    Timothy Sexton March 20, 2014 at 7:13 am | | Reply

    I am a writer struggling with depression that saps my motivation and I discovered the powerful effects of TMG not long ago…I recently published an article on Yahoo about it if anyone’s interested in learning more.

  20. Jennifer
    Jennifer April 1, 2014 at 10:49 am | | Reply


    Can I give my 4 yr old son Enzymedica Digest Spectrum and DMG in the same day just spread out the time or can I skip the DMG and go straight to TMG w folinic & methyl?

  21. Jessica Ortiz
    Jessica Ortiz April 1, 2014 at 10:22 pm | | Reply

    Does is specifically mean anything if they respond to DMG? I mean does it mean anything? I had started my boy on Liquid DMG 1 month after he got diagnosed, I didn’t see any improvements till I increased his dosage and it was amazing but we have stop now with the DMG. We’re in the process of doing MTHFR (I think thats the correct term) testing as well.

  22. Angelica
    Angelica April 3, 2014 at 7:24 am | | Reply

    Hi Kimberly,

    Which probiotic would you recommend at this time for us? I have had my 3.5 yr old son on threelac. Its a great product and helps a lot with candida. And in the beginning it did help a lot! But now, I feel like I could get away with a regular probiotic, no need for this one. (It’s expensive and has sugar content I don’t care for). Kirkman has their gold standard product I believe called biogold. Do you know anything about it? Thank you for your time and help.

  23. Katerina
    Katerina May 8, 2014 at 11:15 pm | | Reply

    Hi I was wondering if TMG would be of benefit for non verbal autisitc adults. I would love to try it with my adult son and was wondering if anyone has had some experience with using it with adults and what sort of reaction there has been if any.

  24. Giovanna
    Giovanna May 24, 2014 at 3:30 pm | | Reply

    Thanks for this blog, it’s really useful. My son is four and a half and mildly autistic: his main problem is speech delay and occasional behavioral issues. I started him on B12 Methyl before he was three and that’s when he started the first words. He’s come on to sentences since then, but a month ago I started him on DMG after reading this blog. I have to say his echolalia has gone and he is speaking longer sentences and understanding more every day. I didn’t notice the initial increase in hyperactivity, though. I will keep with it until we finish the bottle and start on TMG and see what happens. In the meantime we are also doing ABA therapy and homeopathy (carcinocin 30c). Basically I am reading as much as possible and trying almost everything. I am really hoping my boy will be fine by the time he starts school next year.

  25. Giovanna
    Giovanna June 12, 2014 at 2:23 am | | Reply

    Thanks for your comments. Just finished the bottle of DMG today and moving on to the TMG tablets and see what happens. I am also sending off the DNA sample to see if there are any issues. Can’t believe they dont’ do this in the UK, it is such a straightforward test! Hope to get the results soon and will keep you posted.
    So far Ethan has responded well to DMG and also to the Carcinosin (in very low potency, only 30c): his pushing and hitting has gone down a lot to almost never (it was never aggressive in the first place, not done with any force, but still unsettling for other children of course) and I think the Carc helps with that. I found that the time of taking the homeopathic remedy can affect the effects: if he takes it first thing in the morning, rather than mid-morning, the effect is more evident (Ethan much calmer all day).

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