Thyroid, Antibiotics, and Blood Sugar – The Mystery Unravels

The past 3 months have been very enlightening.   Dr Catanzaro, and our new integrative pediatrician are both helping me understand what we have truly been confused about the past 2 years.

So how should I sum all this up?  Because honestly, the news has blown my mind.



Thyroid and blood sugar.  Those are the terms that are overwhelming me right now.

When Dr. Catanzaro brought this to my attention back in October, that he wasn’t happy with Anthony’s TSH levels via some blood tests, and that Anthony’s genetic panel (23&Me)  showed a likely hood for thyroid issues,  I was like,   WOW!  I hadn’t thought about Anthony’s thyroid being a factor in 5 years.   Since an endocrinologist I saw, told me  I didn’t really have to worry about it. Well I didn’t……. and I should of.

Dr. Catanzaro put Anthony on a selenium supplement, and when his night sweats he’s always had, stopped almost immediately, and that his OCD was much improved.   I knew we were on to something.



After that I started thinking, googling, and researching.   Dr. Catanzaro told me how thyroid, and blood sugar can be connected.   Then I started thinking about how Anthony was diagnosed with PANDAS years ago.  I thought about how antibiotics are the treatment of choice for PANDAS.    I then started thinking how Anthony always did AMAZING on antibiotics, especially penicillin.   I started googling “thyroid and antibiotics”.  I found many articles about how antibiotics are a treatment for autoimmune thyroiditis.   So basically, the two conditions, PANDAS, and Thyroiditis, have many similar components and symptoms that overlap.   I also thought about how back in July, when we had Anthony’s adenoids taken out.  I thought about how the doctor said they were very large and swollen.  I googled once again, and found this VERY interesting article which states:

“There is some suggestion that adenoids and hypertrophic tonsils are a consequence of a thyroid hormone deficiency. This hormone deficiency acts as a catalyst for activating the organism’s defense mechanisms which include hypertrophy of lymphoid tissue.”

So did Anthony have PANDAS?  I’m starting to think….. no.   Which is very strange for me to say.  I use to be so certain.  Now I am not.   While strep was living in his sinuses and bacteria living in his adenoids,  It probably wouldn’t of been there in the first place, if his adenoids hadn’t of been so large and swollen.  Which seemed to be an effect of his thyroid.

Is your mind starting to feel blown like mine?   AHHHHHH

Now on to the matter of blood sugar…..

Two weeks ago, when we visited our new integrative pediatrician, she looked at all of Anthony’s labs.  The same set that Dr. Catanzaro looked at.  Like Dr. Catanzaro, she was concerned about Anthony’s glucose and A1C number.  But she was pretty blunt about it.   She told me Anthony’s A1C level was .1 of a point away from being pre-diabetic,  I was SHOCKED!!!  I mean seriously?  My super skinny, wonderfully, amazing healthy eating son….. almost diabetic?!?!?!  Well,  his 23 and me test told me he was at a higher risk than the usual for type 2.  But still….. I naively thought Type 2 was a condition only over weight people were diagnosed with.   I’m learning though that is not the only case.    Those with thyroid issues,  can often develop type 2.

Anthony’s pediatrician also informed me that going gluten free 5 years ago, had probably saved him from going severe, and bought him some time.    She also said, with Dr. Catanzaro putting him on selenium, and starting  a high protein diet, has also most likely lowered his A1c and also improved his TSH numbers.  We just ran a bunch of blood tests, and we are waiting for the results.  But still, we are not out of the woods.

Anthony’s main issue with glucose is he goes too low.  Hypoglycemic.  If he does not eat every 2-3 hours, he starts to feel the symptoms.  He starts getting a headache, irritable, panicky, and gets a sweet taste in his mouth.  He knows the signs now,  and will tell me if he feels his blood sugar is low.  When ever he says this, I test him and yep, he’s too low.   It’s amazing to me now, to think back to all the times he was probably low and was irritable and started having a tantrum, and we just didn’t understand the reason why.  =-(


A week or so ago, Anthony came up to me and told me he felt really angry.  I asked him why.  He said he didn’t know why.  I asked him about different things that could be upsetting him.  He told me it was none of those things.  And he didn’t know why he felt angry.  So I tested his blood sugar and sure enough, he was low.   I got him a snack, and sure enough he cheered right up and felt better.

On Christmas Eve,  Anthony woke up a couple hours after going to bed, crying.  He said he had a very bad migraine and felt like he was going to barf.  Now this has happened to him before.  But we never understood why.  Being migraines do run in my family, I thought sadly he had just inherited them.   But that doesn’t seem to be the case now.   It was Christmas Eve like I mentioned before.   It had been such a busy day.  And I know Anthony had eaten more sweets than normal, and we forgot to give him “second dinner” before bedtime.  Well, now he was paying the price.  I took his blood sugar and it was low.   I went down stairs, got him a coconut water, and a protein bar.  And the poor trooper that Anthony is,  he ate it, while feeling sick to his stomach, and drank some of his coconut water.  I waited 15 minutes and retested his glucose.  His number had gone up 30 points and Anthony told me his headache was going away.

From now on, I will always remember “Second dinner”,  and always have a snack in my purse for him.  I also have a meeting with a nutritionist at the integrative pediatricians office, to help me understand all this.  It is a lot to learn, and I am completely aware I need some professionals to help me out here.  =-)

Since we started treating Anthony’s thyroid, and are starting to understand that blood sugar is a factor, we have seen a VERY happy boy.


His mood swings have improved so much.   And I have also noticed a new maturity in him.  He is playing so much better with his little sister,  not have the separation anxiety that hindered him from doing activities by himself.  And he is loving playing basketball!

So now we are just waiting for the integrative pediatrician to get Anthony’s blood test results back.   And we are still waiting on the Courtagen DNA test results.   This will tell us even more about Anthony’s thyroid and blood sugar issues, and if there is a genetic component.   I will let you all know the results of those when I receive them.

Till then…. Happy New Year!!!  May 2016 be an awesome year for you and your family.


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