Flovent and Fluoride – The Thyroid Connection

I’ve always had this feeling in my gut, that  the Flovent inhaler Anthony was on for 3 years, was a game player in his medical issues he has had to endure.

Anthony was on Flovent from a week after he came home from the NICU, till he was 3 years old due to premature lungs and scarring.   He was on it daily  for at least a year.  As he aged,  Anthony took it a couple times a week.   Finally his doctor took him off of it.

But when Anthony was six, he came down with pneumonia.  His pediatrician at the time, prescribed Flovent for inflammation.   While the Flovent did help his horrible intense coughing,  his speech started to tank.  He came to me after being on the inhaler for 3 days and told me he was having a hard time speaking.  FloventThat the words wouldn’t come out of his head.  This freaked me out!!  The idea that my son could be regressing and that his severe speech apraxia he worked so hard to overcome, could come back…..  Well,   I stopped the Flovent and thankfully, this side effect went away.   And he recovered from his pneumonia. This whole experience made me start to question the Flovent medication.  Was it the flovent that gave Anthony such bad speech apraxia to begin with many years ago?

After that illness, I felt like Anthony’s health took a turn for the worse.  My gut feeling was now even stronger!  I knew in some way the Flovent inhaler was responsible for the medical issues Anthony had gone through.   But how…. I wasn’t yet sure.

The last six months have been mind blowing! Dr. Catanzaro has shown me so much when it comes to Anthony’s genes.    Anthony’s 23andMe test shows, genetically he already has a some what fragile thyroid.  A Thyroid that wouldn’t take much to send it over the edge.

What I do know now, is back in the NICU,  Anthony’s TSH levels were .58.  Within normal range.   So something happened to him after he left the NICU  and before he turned 3 years old.  Something sent his thyroid over the edge.   When I found out from our current pediatrician that Anthony’s iodine levels were low,  it provided me another piece of the puzzle…..

So here is what we think happened with Flovent.

I have also run this past Dr. Catanzaro and he agree’s and says this is good thought process.

  1.   Anthony is put on Flovent because of premature lungs
  2.  Flovent contains…..wait for it….. FLUORIDE!!  You can google that!
  3.  Fluoride inhibits iodine absorption and binding in the body.
  4.  And what happens when your thyroid is full of fluoride?  Your thyroid has issues absorbing iodine!  Your thyroid NEEDS iodine to function!
  5.  The Thyroid has to work harder to function.  So your pituitary has to send out more TSH!   Hence elevated TSH levels.

You can read more here


Dr. Catanzaro and Anthony’s Integrative pediatrician both agreed he needs some iodine and selenium supplementation.  We have been using both for about a month.  I’m going very slowly with the iodine and have him up to 1/2  a capsule of IThroid.  Besides some night sweats that he had in the beginning (detox of fluoride and bromine)  He’s doing VERY VERY well.

Dr. Mercola has written an article about fluoride effecting thyroid.   Here are some interesting points he makes:

“For a 14 kg (30 pound) child, fluoride intakes greater than 0.7 mg per day (or 0.14 mg per day with iodine deficiency) puts the child at risk for endocrine dysfunction. The EPA (2010) estimates children within this weight range (1-3 year-olds) consume over 1.5 mg fluoride each day, or more than twice the amount necessary to induce altered thyroid function, even with an adequate iodine intake.”

And lookie there….. there’s that glucose tolerance issue Anthony has……..

“In addition, the NRC discussed research linking fluoride to impacts on parathyroid activity, impairment of glucose tolerance,

This Video also shares some good info on Fluoride and it’s effect on the Thyroid


So I guess to summarize this post of mine up,  Flovent and genetic susceptibility is the culprit for Anthony.  While many place vaccines as the only cause of their child’s regression.  We also must consider there can be other factors (medications) too.  For my sons case, we never saw the regression after a vax.   I don’t say that to discount what others say about vaccines.  I agree, actually.  I’m just saying for my son, that was never the case. I always knew in my gut, it was something else.

We  must remember, “Autism” is a clinical diagnosis, based on behaviors.  Based on a doctor or therapist in a room with your child watching and analyzing them.   This diagnosis is rarely given based on test results to see what is ACTUALLY going on inside the child’s body.    If you run the testing, you will see that  “autism” isn’t strictly neurological.  There are other issues going on.  Weather it be genetic, vitamin deficiencies, mitochondrial dysfunction, or all 3……   Just do the testing!  I promise you will find answers!  


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