No One Knew, And The PANDAS – Sinus Connection

No One Knew, And The PANDAS – Sinus Connection

Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile.  Life has been busy.  The kids keep me busy.   I’ve been trying to get my own business up and running.   If you want to check it out go to Work Out With Kim But enough about that.  I know you all want to know how Anthony’s doing. […]

A message from Anthony to kids with Autism

Remember at one time, he could not speak a single word.  His sensory issues were many!   He’s 7 years old and and doing GREAT!  And he wants to help other kids out there with autism.  He wants them to know that they an get better!  That Autism Recovery is POSSIBLE!

Disclaimer: My kid is not your kid.

Disclaimer:  My kid is not your kid.

This post is based on seven years of biomedical intervention experience with my own child.  I am hoping the message that I’m about to convey will help parents with their own child’s recovery.  So please don’t take what I am about to write as me being hurtful or rude.  I just want to be helpful […]

When you are strange

When you are strange

When Anthony was two years old, I joined a mommy group.  I was so excited at the idea of making other mommy friends.  I longed for the days of getting together with a group of moms my own age, talking about all the normal things moms talk about. Getting together, going on play dates. Having […]

Above Average?

Back in May/2010, when Anthony was evaluated by the school district he was in the 1% for expressive language.  Which basically meant, he couldn’t talk at all.  They didn’t even bother with all of the testing because he just wasn’t capable.  But you all already know this.  And know the story of what happened.  We […]