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So very very proud!  Anthony is the one wearing the blue shirt on the red bike.  This was at his first BMX practice.  He is loving it!        

Working for Milestones

Working for Milestones

It seems from the moment your child is born, we are looking for milestones.  That moment your child looks up at you and smiles.  When they start crawling, walking….. their first word. When Autism happens to your child, milestones mean even more.  We start to celebrate ones that the “typical” parent probably doesn’t even think […]

Interviews by Anthony

This was so cute, I just had to share. Anthony took my phone, and on his own started interviewing his dad and sister.   Sorry for the video being shaky and blurry…..but give the kid a break.  He’s only 6  =-)    He could very well be the next David Letterman.  LOL My favorite moment […]

Detox Update

We are in month 2 (of 3) of Anthony’s detox, and it’s going well…. now. We have had Anthony on BioRay’s LiverLife and NDF Plus.  When we first started, Anthony’s old “stimmy” behaviors came out one by one. The slurry speech, the toe walking, the tantrums, the OCD topics.  It was no fun.  I called […]

Feeling the “typical”

I can’t believe it’s August already.  Normally this wouldn’t mean much to me.  Only that fall was right around the corner.  But this year it’s feeling different.  Why?  Because Anthony is starting kindergarten!  In 18 days (Yes, I’m totally counting) I will be dropping Anthony off for kindergarten. 5 hours a day, 5 days a […]

Preschool Graduation

Yesterday Anthony had his preschool graduation ceremony. He got to get up and sing with his class… Mommy shed a few tears as he sang with his friends.  I  looked at him up there and thought, he’s so normal! He’s up there able to sing and talk with his friends. He’s accepted! I think every […]