Disclaimer: My kid is not your kid.

Disclaimer:  My kid is not your kid.

This post is based on seven years of biomedical intervention experience with my own child.  I am hoping the message that I’m about to convey will help parents with their own child’s recovery.  So please don’t take what I am about to write as me being hurtful or rude.  I just want to be helpful […]

Going over 23andMe results with our BioMed Dr.

Going over 23andMe results with our BioMed Dr.

Well after waiting for what seemed like two VERY long weeks to go over this mass amount of info from Anthony’s 23andMe results.  I finally have more answers, and less questions.  =-)   Dr. Sletten isn’t so much concerned with Anthony’s one homozygeous CBS mutation.  Why?  Because Anthony’s ammonia levels on his NutrEval test show […]

Doctors Orders

Dr. S got back to me with the new game plan for Anthony re: his test results.  First off he said his gut looked so much better than it did when we started bio-med.  His Vitamin D levels are in normal range, so are his Amino acids, and Methylation support is adequate by the markers checked. With […]



I got the results for Anthony’s NutrEval test back today.  Is it everything I hoped it would be?  Oh hell’s yeah it is! His gut dysbiosis, a thing of the past! Which was a HUGE surprise for me! I remembered Dr. S saying that it would take a year for Anthony’s stomach to heal, and […]

Test Results 1 of 2

Last week I took Anthony to get his annual blood draw. This was to test his thyroid, iron, and other blood levels.  But in the past he’s had issues with his thryoid, ferritin (iron stores) and VERY high iron levels.  We also re-did the Genova Diagnostic NutrEval kit.   We hadn’t had this done since August […]