Anthony’s interview after his adenoid surgery

Urgent Help Needed: The Financial Impact of Cancer and Autism Under One Roof

This is cut and pasted from The Thinking Mom’s revolution.  It was so well written that I asked if I could share it.  Please read, and if you can, please help out.  She is one of our own!! Posted on September 19, 2014 by Thinking Moms’ Revolution The Thinking Moms’ Revolution is reeling.  Our very […]

Glutathione 101

I’ve been at this biomed business for just over 12 years.  When we started, we took out milk, then wheat…and ended up going down the rabbit hole of targeted nutritional therapy, biochemistry, and alternative treatments until we slid out the other side.  Recovery! Along that road less travelled, I’ve learned a few things, from where […]

Working for Milestones

Working for Milestones

It seems from the moment your child is born, we are looking for milestones.  That moment your child looks up at you and smiles.  When they start crawling, walking….. their first word. When Autism happens to your child, milestones mean even more.  We start to celebrate ones that the “typical” parent probably doesn’t even think […]