Answers to a confused mother’s prayers!

Kimberley, I will forever be greatful to your blog. You honestly were an answer to my prayers in the darkest time of my childrens and our lives. I first came across your blog heart broken searching on google to see if there was hope for my two year old and 10 month old babies to ever over come autism. The amount of information and the depth of detail you have given is more beneficial than that of any doctor i have been too in the past year and half. I made your blog a step by step guideline and tried a few supplements and tests you have listed and although its been only a few months my husband and i for the first time have developed hope that our children will overcome and beat autism! Thank you for taking the time to share your journey and giving us desperate parents hope and assistances! God bless your beautiful family with health and happiness always.

Naz Ahmed

Thank you

This website has helped me become more knowledgable about biomeds and that everything is going to be okay Thankyou so much for putting your story out there and giving hope to everyone . I am from Australia and I appreciate it so much . 🙂

Adriana savva

How BioMed Recovered My Son

It was 2005, and after 2 healthy girls, I had my healthy son. He met his mile stones. He made us laugh.
His first word wasn't mama or dada to break the tie between his 2 older sisters. It was baba.
Boy could he eat! He was vaccinated, just like his sisters. After all, his family is full of doctors, nurses, cardio pulmonary people. We do what Western Medicine says we are supposed to do. It is the "responsible" thing to do....or so we thought.
Ryan had his MMR at 18 months. Over the next few months he lost all if his language. His eye contact was gone. I would call him and he would walk off like he was deaf. I made jokes to my husband that he had selective hearing like him! "Such a man" I would joke.
I was used to girls. When it dawned on me that he wasn't talking (there was always a lot of noise
and chatter with his sisters around) I started asking him questions he knew. What is that? No
response. Who is that? Nothing. I made
an appointment immediately. My best friend's 3 year old was had the dreaded 299.0 (Autism) DX so thankfully I knew some signs. Kaiser told
me they could do his ADOS testing in
6 months. I read. I researched. I reached out then I sat. Not on my butt but on Kaiser's desks.
I was NOT wasting his early intervention months waiting for a 1-2 hour appointment to become available. I wouldn't leave. They got me in just to get me to go away. He received a full Autism DX, and that is what I did.
My Aunt, a MD and a Psychiatrist told me to change to a PPO immediately. The first day of open enrollment, that is exactly what we did.
I read about DAN! Doctors and spoke candidly with other parents bringing their kids to ABA, Speech, O/T therapies. Dr. Kurt Woeller at Stillpoint Center
8-9 hours away seemed like the best fit. Living in the
Northern California, there were many closer choices.
This is my son. I want the best I can manage. Dr. Woeller ordered many tests. The allergies to foods and heavy metal poisonings shocked me the most.
We immediately started the GF/CF and dairy free
Intervention. This is a huge commitment.
Not one many parents take as serious as
they should. Food, soap, crayons, pencils, EVERYTHING they touch HAS to be GF/CF and
Dairy free!!! Within a week...WE HAD EYE CONTACT! Then Dr. Woeller prescribed B-12 shots.
After the first dose....WE HAD WORDS! Not even ones he had lost but a NEW one!! He pointed again
at something too! This was HUGE!!!
I read Jenny McCarthy's books and she was
right! Ryan's picky eating made finding him foods he would eat difficult but we managed.
Ry started on anti fungals, we chelated for a short time
and eventually after talking to the UC Davis
MIND Institute in Sacramento, signed Ryan up for
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).
Best money spent. Between ABA and BioMed, my son is recovered. No spinning, no flapping, no
self injurious behavior. No more seizures. No
more aids following him and showing him how
to play, how to have empathy and sympathy.
No more horseback to help his gross motor
delays. No more O/T for fine motor delays.
No more vaccines and NO ONE believes me unless
they have been a part of Ryan's fight all along.
Thank you Dr. Woeller. Thank you Ryan and most of all thank you God.


Biomed DOES heal!

I never knew about biomedical treatment until I found this blog. I sat down and read every single post. When we began the diet/supplements Carson had only one word. Within two weeks he was pointing! Then he began waving, doing age appropriate puzzles and gaining more words. He now has over 60 words which is huge to my Husband and I. He can tell us if he wants to eat or if he wants his cup. We still have a long way to go and there have been some bumps in the road. We have a few things to work on BUT hearing Carson's sweet voice call me "Mama" has made me a believer.

Brandi W.

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